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ureau announced a full-day suspension of▓ school on Thursday due to safety concerns.The chaotic traffic and da▓ngerous road conditions have made it very difficult f▓or students to attend classes, a bureau spokesperson said in a statement.Schools had even received threats to suspend classes for various ▓periods. Some school buses were damaged after princip▓als refused to comply, Secretary for Educatio

on them.Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of China Business Wong Ping also said U.

n Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said.The Chinese University of Hong Kong announced on Wednesday afternoon an abrupt end to the current semester, with all remaining classes canceled, after a full day of violent confrontation adjacent to its Sha Tin campus.

S. enterprises will lose their most important and fre▓est base in the Asia-Pacific if Hong Kong w

The university arranged for students to leave campus by bus▓.Following CUHK's decision, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said that classes will be conducted online starting next week until the end of the current term, given the escalation of unrest.Hong Kong Baptist University announced a si▓milar online learning arrangement at the same time

as rescinded its status as a separate customs t▓erritory because of the bill.

▓ in view of potential disruptions to campus services due to the ongoing civil unrest.The Commissioner's Office of the Foreign▓ Ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ex▓pressed firm opposition on Wednesday to false and misleading reports about Hong Kong by some Western media outlets.A spokesperson for the office said in a statement that those reports accused police of stopping violence with "excessive use of for▓ce" and whitewashed rioters' crime of setting an innocent citizen afir▓e and their attemp

Wong pointed out that international economic relation is not about one side doing a fa

ts to snatch guns from police officers.The spokesperson said that selective reports and comments by some Western media outlets in Hong Ko▓ng have grossly distorted the truth.The spokesperson urged those Western media s▓ources to immediately stop dist

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orting the truth and pouring fuel on the fire in Hong Kong. Otherwise, they would only be condemned by all fair-minded people, including 1.4 billion Chinese.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow▓ us on WechatChina and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to expa▓nd cooperation in various areas and work together to facilitate trade and investment to boost regiona

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l connectivity and build a more open world economy.China, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regional connectivityChina, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regional connectivity11-06-2019 09:53 BJTBANGKOK, Nov. 5 -- China and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to expand cooperation in various areas and work together to facilitate trade and investm▓ent to boost regional connectivity and build a more open world economy.In a joint pres▓s statement released during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to the S▓outheast Asian country, the two sides also agreed on closer cooperation and coordi

nation in various multilateral platforms to address growing protectionism.China and Thailand agreed to re▓spect each other's development path, share experiences and best practices in

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ch other's core interests and major concerns.The t▓wo sides said they welcome closer engagements and support more frequent exchanges between the two countries' gov

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ernment agencies, legislative bodies, political parties, armed forces and local authorities.The two countries, which enjoy a comprehensive strategic ▓cooperative p

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artnership, highlighted in the statement the signifi▓cance of economic and infrastructure cooperation in enhancing growt▓h and prosperity of the two countries, th

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e sub-region and the region as a whole.According to the statement, the two sides agreed to build the China-Thailand railway into▓ a successful example in bilater

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al cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) framework, and vowed to speed up the implementation of the railway project connecting Thailand's Nong

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Khai and Laos' Vientiane, and increase railway connections among the three countries.Meanwhile, they agreed to further facilitate bilater

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al trade and expand cooperation in agricultural trade and e-commerce, and pledged to strengt▓hen mutually beneficial cooperation in such se

  • ng Closer Economi▓c Partnership Arrange
  • ment Agreement, effective in June 2020, intr▓
  • oduces new liberalization measures in a number of impo
  • rtant services sectors such as financial s
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ctors as next-generation automobile, hi-tech medical equipment, new energy, energy-saving vehicles and rubber.In the statement, the two si

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des agreed to boost bilateral cooperation betwe▓en China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), so as to increase connectivity between

  • cutive day.Officials: Violence will never prevail in HKSAROffi
  • cials: Violence will never prevail in HKSAR11-14-2
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